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We're a Houston-based tech company that specializes in data quality solutions for processes and equipment generating a high volume of time series data.



Pandata Tech offers an agnostic data quality solution that plugs into a company’s existing infrastructure to improve both historical and real-time input data for algorithms.

Our data quality solution utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence to make digital processes faster and more insightful while decreasing repetitive and time intensive tasks for data professionals.

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Pandata Tech helped me accelerate the deployment of a large distributed IoT platform offshore and deliver the value of digital transformation from an estimate of two years to just 12 weeks by leveraging their Data Quality Method.
— Innovation Director, One of the World's largest Offshore Drilling Contractors


In industries such as Oil & Gas, equipment is continuously generating massive amounts of data. A single Oil & Gas operation can have upwards of 40K signals and millions of data points. Each one of these signals costs on average $75 USD per year.

Not all of this data can be trusted and the validation process for determining which data is useful for specific instances is time consuming.

This translates into millions of dollars spent each year on data professionals and SMEs validating and cleaning data. Around 80% of data professional’s time is consumed focusing on today’s data quality problems while 20% of their time is allocated to building models and algorithms for the future.



Pandata’s data quality solution drastically decreases the amount of time data professionals and SMEs spend on validating, cleaning, and determining which data is useful in specific instances while significantly increasing the amount of time they spend on building models and algorithms.

This translates into cost and time savings of at least 50% in small scale deployment, and of at least 80% in large scale deployment.


Pandata typically serves companies who are looking to:



better allocate data professional’s & SME’s time


improve historical and/or real-time input data for their algorithms


identify useful data for specific instances much faster


process thousands to millions of time series signals


go through their digital transformation

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Our affordable solutions are adaptable and applicable to several different industries and sectors.

reach out to pandata to see how we can serve you and your team



For a more in-depth technical perspective on Pandata’s data quality solution, we welcome you to read our white paper published for OTC May 2019 titled, “Machine Learning Validation of Time Series Signals to Reduce Mistakes in Digital Algorithms for Maintenance, Optimization, and Automation.”