Babu Bangaru

MIT alumni, founder of the Present Potential Foundation, and a Shell veteran; Babu is an experienced strategy leader in O&G. He is knowledgeable in E&P, LNG, well servicing (drilling), new technology deployment, business planning, and capital management. Babu’s extensive global exposure within O&G spans 6 continents.


José Gutierrez

José holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from UWM. A leader in technology and innovation, José has directed teams for Transocean, Emerson, and Eaton. He has expertise in O&G, electric power, industrial automation, IoT platforms, analytics, and ML. José founded Autana Consulting Group leading to a successful acquisition.



Deval Pandya

Deval is the co-founder of Future Energy Lions and holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, and MS in Aerospace Engineering from UT. Deval is a member of the advance analytics team with Shell and a seasoned computational scientist and data scientist with a passion for renewable energy.


Vicente Sanchez

HBS alumni and CEO of OISA, Vicente shares 40 years of O&G experience including knowledge of petrochemicals, O&G equipment sales, water treatment, drilling, pipelines, and refineries. Vicente’s international experience in O&G includes the USA, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, and China.