GUSTAVO: After a few years of business development for small to midsize oil & gas service providers, Gustavo recognized that they were inadequately served within the industry for technology solutions. Looking to change this, Gustavo set out to explore ways of improving this gap in the industry.

JESSICA: While working as a welder's helper building pipeline for URS Flint (currently AECOM), Jessica led an easy to implement, sustainability project to recycle all metal, paper, and plastic on-site. This was roughly 90% of what was previously being thrown away and reduced waste fees by 50%. This left her wondering how she could positivity contribute to sustainability and efficiency in the oil & gas industry.


Gustavo and Jessica met in Shanghai at Hult International Business School in 2014. They teamed up during their MBA in a 10-month entrepreneurial project to tackle predictive maintenance in the oil & gas industry. After graduation, Jessica and Gustavo continued working together and established Pandata Tech in Houston, January 2016. 





Gustavo is the leading math mind and product developer at Pandata Tech. He's a multi-language data scientist and a 2X entrepreneur.  Gustavo has a well established background in business development and sales with O&G petrochemicals and equipment in the USA, Mexico, Andean countries, and China.



Jessica is the leading creative mind at Pandata Tech. She’s an experienced business manager and 3X entrepreneur, Jessica is well-versed in branding and project management for B2B, B2C, retail, and O&G in Canada, the USA, North & Southeast Asia, and UAE.




Babu Bangaru

MIT alumni, founder of the Present Potential Foundation, and a Shell veteran; Babu is an experienced strategy leader in O&G. He is knowledgeable in E&P, LNG, well servicing (drilling), new technology deployment, business planning, and capital management. Babu’s extensive global exposure within O&G spans 6 continents.


José Gutierrez

José holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from UWM. A leader in technology and innovation, José has directed teams for Transocean, Emerson, and Eaton. He has expertise in O&G, electric power, industrial automation, IoT platforms, analytics, and ML. José founded Autana Consulting Group leading to a successful acquisition.


Deval Pandya

Deval is the co-founder of Future Energy Lions and holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, and MS in Aerospace Engineering from UT. Deval is a member of the advance analytics team with Shell and a seasoned computational scientist and data scientist with a passion for renewable energy.


Vicente Sanchez

HBS alumni and CEO of OISA, Vicente shares 40 years of O&G experience including knowledge of petrochemicals, O&G equipment sales, water treatment, drilling, pipelines, and refineries. Vicente’s international experience in O&G includes the USA, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, and China.